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Event Industry : Business Services
Venue Dates Location
Crocus-Expo IEC 25-Oct-16 to 27-Oct-16 Moscow, Russia

The PCVExpo is going to be organized in Moscow, Russia from 25-Oct-16 to 27-Oct-16 at the Venue : Crocus-Expo IEC by the organizer : MVK – International Exhibition Company.

Event Description :

PCVExpo 2016 is the event which will bring together producers and consumers of industrial pumps, compressors, pneumatics, valves, actuators, engines and seals. It is going to be held for the period of three days in the region of Moscow, Russia. The show will showcase the pumps, compressors, valves and actuators at glance with lots more information and services.

Visitor Profile:

PCVExpo 2016 visitors be like the Experts related to petrol & chemistry, petrol-making, energy resources, electric power, pulping, paper-making, pharmacy, light-industry, construct material, mining, metallurgy, water, steam & heat supplying, environment-protecting, water-handling, architecture, water-supplying & draining, air condition, fire-fighting, gas-installed project and more.

PCVExpo Exhibitors Profile:

PCVExpo 2016 exhibitor includes such as:- water and heat supply, land improvement and irrigation, sewerage, oil transportation and processing, Energy pumps, Sealing engineering and magnetic drive, Auxiliary equipment & accessories, Equipment & materials for manufacturing, tests & repair, operation & maintenance, Compressors for Gas production, Oil production & petroleum refining; Refrigerating & conditioning; Sealing machinery, Construction Valves and hydraulic drives.

Event Organizer : MVK – International Exhibition Company

Organizer Address : 15, bldg.1, Zubarev Pereulok, Moscow 129164 (Russia)

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