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Bleisure : Maximizing your Business Travel + Leisure [Inforgraphics]

General September 27, 2015

Bleisure is a new trend or term to depict the two words together : Business + Leisure. Meaning, Business Travel is a multi-billion dollar industry and is very common these days that corporate and delegates combines their business trips + travel together.


Meaning of Bleisure :

The Term Bleisure is common and make a great sense when you are out on a 2-5 days long business trip event in some country like USA, UK, China, India or Germany and you want to maximize your Inputs, be very Productive and represent yourself in the Event or Conference. Then you can consider, a good relaxing leisure travel along with the business trip and its important aspects in mind.

A 1-2 days of leisure travel including a sightseeing in the particular country, dinner with your friends and loved ones will refreshes you fully so you can even be more productive and do your Tasks during your business events more enthusiastically.

Here is the Beautiful Info-graphic describing the Growing Popularity of Bleisure Trend in Business Travel :-

Bleisure Infographics

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10 Websites to Find Business Events [ Trade Shows and Conferences]

General May 14, 2015

Finding business events that are reliable to your Industry, where it happens and in which month it is organizing is not only hard, but also difficult to plan and strategize.

To come up with the Idea of Finding all different types of Business Tradeshow Events, Business Conferences, Exhibitions, we have found Plenty of Websites that one can use to find all types of business events in any industry.

EventsPanda Masscot

1. EventsPanda.com – Business Events

Founded in 2015, built from scratch is one of the best and leading platforms to Find Business Events like Tradeshows, Business Conferences , Trade Fairs/Exhibitions in more than 100+ Countries. EventsPanda Team works 24 x 7 to handpick the best and most valuable Events from each Industry and showcase them on the website. One can search for all events based on :-

  • Events by Industry
  • Events by Venue
  • Events by Month
  • Events by Location
  • Events by Countries

2. BizzTradeFairs.com

BizzTradefairs.com is India’ s biggest Trade Show, Trade Fairs and Business Exhibition Directory. We, BizzTradeFairs.com are promoting 20,000+ live Trade shows and 4000+ Organizers worldwide.

Recently they have also started adding Trade Fairs and Expositions from other asian countries like Bangladesh, Nepal and soon expanding to other countries as well. But what I don’t like in their website is their Outdated Database that shows tons of events from the past dates and makes the Event Discovery quite painful.

3. ToFairs.com

To Fairs is another good website for Finding the Trade Shows and Expositions, but they lacks the conferences that are so valuable for any business. The Website is pretty well organized and shows mostly the European Business Events, but they lacks important information in all events and don’t provide the statistics of the Trade Fairs.

4. EventsEye

Events Eye is a great database of worldwide Expositions, and the Interface is too simple but boring. Also, you can’t Filter your Results based on your queries with Multiple options like Eventspanda.com

5. 10Times.com

So far, the biggest platform for networking and business events, but their interface in Android App needs to be improved. The platform is well organized with plenty of features and you can nearly find any type of business event, trade fair or conference. But that is a big Problem for the Event Seekers. Most of their data is user driven, that means some events are in fact fake and some are too small that they list an event even if its happening in a small hotel conference room.

6. HeyEvent.com

They cover most events from Social media Websites mainly Facebook. They scrap all the data from Facebook Events via the Facebook API Key and post any kind of event created on facebook. Heyevent is good marketplace for entertainment niche events, but business events is not on their main focus.

7. TradeShowZ.com

A United States dedicated portal for Trade Shows and business events. A good layout and interface, but has limited number of business events. Also, they do focus on some of the Ideal business Destinations in US like Las Vegas, Texas, Los Angeles, new York and Atlanta.

8. ExpoFax.com

The website is just launched few days back, but we don’t have much information for them. At the time of writing this article, they didn’t have the About us page as well to check for further info, but they do have a good working database of business events mainly trade fairs.

9. MedSpeaks.com

MedSpeaks is all about central destination for educational events in the Healthcare Industry. They focus on only health niche and mainly United States of America. Discover the simplicity of a central healthcare event calendar.

10. TradeFairDates.com

Trade Fair Dates focusses on Main and only Bigger Sized events and that’s what they do best in. A Well Organized website mainly focussed on Germany in broad and to some extent in other european countries as well.

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